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Exodus Effect is a book that teaches you how to make a special formula called true anointed oil. According to the authors of the book, true anointed oil will “supercharge your immunity and help your body fight disease, help slow down aging, and bring you closer to His Glory than ever before”, among other benefits.

The presentation page for Exodus Effect is filled with interweaving the Christian faith into these lost scripture secrets. The video is a touch strong in some opening areas like “God has put you here with me today”, for example, or that the Exodus Effect is a “biblical breakthrough”. But a man named pastor Andrew does a pretty compelling and even entertaining job at explaining everything and why he associates true holy anointing oil with The Exodus Effect and the long-lost ingredient to be used for true anointed oil.


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Exodus Effect

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Product Description:

The program is created by a pastor from the state of Colorado. Pastor Andrew found the solution to help his wife, Lisa, who developed searing chronic pain over the years. He claimed his discovery to be the Long Lost Biblical Ingredient God intended for us to use in anointing oil. People have called it the miracle oil, a mere Holy Symbol, but one that can restore your faith and most importantly bring you closer to God.

Let’s see what the miracle holy oil recipe is and the health company behind this is all about through this comprehensive Exodus Effect review.

What is the Exodus Error or Old Testament Error?

When translating the Bible from Hebrew to Greek, scholars mistranslated the word ‘Kaneh Bosm’, into one word, ‘Kanabos’. In the modern Bible translations, the translated word stands for sweet Calamus, which is in fact, a yellow desert flower that has no known medical properties. However, according to the authors of Exodus Effect, Kaneh bosom is another word for ‘cannabis’ and this ingredient has been buried within the book of Exodus, right under our very noses.

It is this error that has appeared, kept the CBD from people for over two thousand years. This word alone could change the entire meaning of the Bible, all because of a single mistranslated word- a word that could possibly extend the quality of your life. Pastor Andrew even declared that this is like the ‘hand of God Himself reaching down to transform your health’.

As already mentioned in The Exodus Effect review, the Bible mentions the word Kaneh Bosm multiple times. In one section, God is seen saying that “You have not brought any (cannabis) for me, or lavished on me the fat of your sacrifices.” (Isaiah 43: 23- 24)

Formally, the Bible doesn’t mention cannabis or endorse its use, but if you were to translate the Bible differently, you’ll find that the Bible mentions cannabis as a powerful herb. The entire Exodus effect is based on how a Polish doctor’s famous “Exodus Error” in the year 1936 led to the discovery of this ingredient- cannabis, to help in supporting almost everything from mitigating seizures to managing arthritis, to overcoming chronic fatigue and also cystic fibrosis.

How Does Exodus Effect Work?


Exodus Effect

Eventually, you get to the point of Exodus Effect: the company teaches you the benefits of cannabis oil. The Exodus Effect claims the Bible recommends the use of cannabis oil, although a translation error prevented it from being shared with the world. The worth-watching Complete Exodus Effect System is good to watch to gain the full scope of it, but essentially the lost ingredient transforms anointed oil as a mere Holy symbol into what pastor Andrew refers to as “miracle oil”.

In Exodus Effect, you’ll learn the benefits of CBD and cannabis oil, then learn how to make the oil at home. The book gives you step-by-step instructions. It lists different recipes and formulas you can make to maximize the healing effects of the true anointed oil.

Pros of The Exodus Effect System

The first part is that you’ll have more energy to do the things that you love. Your pain will be subsided, and you won’t need to be dependent on addictive pain medication. You’ll be able to do more vigorous activities without becoming too tired. It comes at an affordable price so everyone can use this product to enhance their life, no matter how much they make. And the Exodus effect system shows you how to make the most of your holy anointed Oil so that you live your best life.

Cons of The Exodus Effect System

The first con is that you have to pay shipping in order to receive the anointing oil. It is not available to be purchased in stores. The second con is that the program guide is only available when you’re connected to the internet. The third con is that there is no physical book. There’s only a digital download.

What’s included with The Exodus Effect pdf?  

The Exodus Effect comes with the main book along with several other digital eBook bonuses. Customers in the United States receive a physical copy of the Exodus Effect book mailed directly to their address, while international customers receive an eBook version of the book.

Exodus Effect Book: As mentioned above in this Exodus Effect review, this book teaches you how to make holy anointed oil, which supposedly heals the body and promotes “a healthy body, mind, and spirit”, helping you worship God better and receive his blessings among other benefits.

Divine Pet eBook: If your pet is sick, and not been keeping well for a while, then you don’t have to worry, because this eBook teaches you how to use anointed oil to heal your dog or cat, helping them live healthier and longer lives.

Hidden Prayers eBook: Exodus Effect Book will teach you specific prayers that will enhance the power of your anointed oil. These prayers were believed to be hidden in the Bible and are now finally revealed and are available for anyone to use.

Access to Prayer Warrior Network (Extra $39 Per Month): The Prayer Warrior Network is a community of thousands of anointed oil users who pray for you each day. All you have to do is pay $39 per month to become a part of this community, and the community will supercharge your healing process.

The Exodus Effect review recommends that this membership is optional though, and you can choose to add it to your purchase after you check out the program. The company describes this group as the necessary ‘holy rocket fuel’ for your prayers. You simply submit your prayers to the network, and the group will immediately start praying for you with no questions asked, and at any time of the day.

The Bottom Line:

Exodus Effect is a wonderful product and I am sure you will recommend it to your friends too. The Exodus Effect can sometimes appeal to the Christian faith, a tie-in to the fact that God can speak to us in mysterious ways and there is much more to it about real, true anointed oil when applying the Exodus effect.

Those who buy the Complete Exodus Effect System will get instant access to the Exodus Effect book. You will also get an opportunity to join the Pray Warriors’ Network all at the same time. The Sacred Healing Oath of sixty days makes it, even more, a no-risk decision. The aim of this book is to make life easier and prosperous by embracing peace.

There are a lot of mysteries around what this product does for users, but you can learn more by purchasing the book and learning how to make the miracle oil from your home itself.

Exodus Effect

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